Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lousy Thursday

Today I woke up in a significant amount of pain and have ended up taking 50mg of morphine. So not much of interest to mention.

1. I've done a few rows on my Making Waves

2. I've chipped a nail on my pretty new manicure *sad*. But on the plus side that means I get to play with more of my new nail stamping plates tomorrow

3. I started sewing my cake pincushion kit I got in a Posh Ravelry swap

But I had to stop after a few seams because I couldn't see well enough with the morphine fuzzy vision

4. And finally I sorted out my side table with the aid of my new mini set of drawers

Lulu (my smallest cat, she's just under one year old) is quite grumpy with me because now she can't use my various knitting tools as toys.

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