Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Monday

Hungover again so again lots of sleep.

A bit of knitting logic from the weekend though. I really, really want to knit a Colour Affection. But I'm running out of needle cables and the needle tips I need for the shawl are on my Roseling. Now I like my Roseling, it's a nice cardigan, but I've steeked it now so all interest has disappeared and it's just monotonous sleeve knitting left. So in order to ever actual finish the project I'm making myself finish it off before I can use the needles for my Colour Affection. This is very dull, but I'm hoping will lead to some sort of sense of fulfilment when I've actually finished the damned thing.

So mostly today I've been knitting dull sleeve.

But my day took a remarkably cheery turn when a mysterious parcel arrived. It was yarn from the lovely Knitosaurusrex, which she sent me because it looked too me to belong to anyone else. Thank you again!


Alas this did add extra incentive to avoid my sleeve and cast on socks but I have remained strong. So far.

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